About this app

About this app

This app allows you to manage your healthcare more efficiently, 24 hours a day

  • Book appointments

    Book and manage your GP, Nurse, or Health Care Assistant appointments 24/7 wherever you are

  • Extended access

    Access appointments at a local hub, allowing you to book appointments out of hours, or at the weekend

  • Book phone appointments

    Prefer to speak to someone over the phone? The Birmingham and Solihull Health App app allows you to book a phone call with a GP or Pharmacist

  • Order medication

    The Birmingham and Solihull Health App app offers you access to a quick and hassle-free repeat prescription service

  • View lifestyle trends

    We provide instant and secure access to your medical record, giving you a greater insight into your conditions and monitor any changes

  • View test results

    Secure access to your medical record means we can display your test results without any unnecessary trips or phone calls to your practice

  • Works across devices

    The app is designed to be fully responsive - which means it works seamlessly on desktop, tablet or mobile devices

  • Accessibility aware

    Supported by the Birmingham Sight Loss Council, we've ensured as many people as possible have access to their healthcare